The AddCents Plugin

AddCents is a simple plugin. It’s easy to use and it works.

What does it do? Well, it adds Adsense blocks to your posts so you can monetize your blog easily – really easily.

Download AddCents NOW

You can download AddCents totally free – I’m giving it away because I want to show people how great my little plugins are.

Watch the video showing you how easy it is to use – click here.

Hopefully, some of you will like this one enough to buy one of my premium plugins over at

Please note, at client requests, this plugin has been made to automatically REMOVE the Best Adsense or the Adsense Extreme plugin from your blog, if either one of those is installed. It does not remove any other Adsense plugins.

My clients have raised concerns privately to me about those two plugins and wanted an easy way to add a new Adsense plugin and remove the other plugins at the same time.

AddCents, when installed and activated, will attempt to auto-complete your publisher ID in its settings page and will then attempt to remove either of those plugins, if installed.

If, for any reason, you do not wish to remove those plugins, please do not install and activate AddCents.